Mrs Lucan, Mrs Eccles and Mrs Bancroft

Welcome to Foundation 2
We are looking forward to a new Half Term with lots of exciting things to learn both indoors and outside. We are beginning the Half Term with a Winter Wonderland topic and hope to find out all about the Arctic and the Antarctic. We are focusing in particular on forming all letters correctly and writing sentences independently.
Here is an overview of what we will be teaching and learning:
Personal, Social and Emotional Development Learning to take turns and play cooperatively and thinking about others’ feelings and being sensitive towards their friends. Learning to choose their own resources and tidy up.
Physical Development Using pencils to write words, captions, labels and sentences with correct pencil grip and letter formation. Using different tools and equipment safely and managing coats, hats and getting changed for PE.
Communication and Language Following instructions, listening carefully in a range of situations, using past and present tenses. Developing narratives in their play. Answering how and why questions.
Literacy Linking sounds to letters and blending these sounds to read words and sentences. Recognising some tricky words. Talking about things we have read. Learning that books can be used to retrieve information. Using their phonic knowledge to write words and sentences and using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
Mathematics Recognising numbers up to 20 and beyond. Ordering numbers up to 20 and using these number s to solve mathematical problems. Finding one more and one less than a given number up to 10. Learning to recognise and name some 2D and 3D shapes and creating repeated patterns with familiar objects and shapes. Learning to add 2 groups of items together to make a total.
Understanding the World: Talking about events in their own lives, knowing about similarities and differences between themselves and others, showing care and concern for living things and learning about different environments. Making observations about changes and about living things. Completing a program on the iPad.
Expressive Arts and Design: Using their imaginations in role play and recreating roles. Exploring media and materials in their independent work, adapting their work where necessary. Exploring colour, design and function in their creative work. Singing songs and playing instruments.
Mrs Bancroft, Mrs Eccles and Mrs Lucan