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Rhyme of the week


Next week we will be talking about some of the things we use water for e.g. getting washed, cleaning teeth and splashing!

We will be estimating how many items are in a group e.g. shells, fish and pebbles and using the language of quantity to compare how accurate we have been e.g. more, fewer and less.

After my bath

I try, try, try.

To wipe myself

Till I’m dry, dry, dry.

Hands to wipe

And fingers and toes.

And two wet legs

And a shiny nose.

Just think how much

Less time I’d take

If I were a dog

And could shake, shake, shake!



Can you draw a picture of one of the ways you use water at your house? You might want to ask a grown up to help you to write the first sound of a word e.g. ‘w’ for ‘washing’ or ‘p’ for ‘paddling’.

Don’t forget to write your name on your picture and bring it into school to show everyone.

You are all invited to our class assembly on Tuesday 21st May at 9.00am in the hall.


If your child normally attends F1 on Monday morning, they will be rehearsing our assembly for another class to watch, so please can they come into school in their assembly clothes. If they are in summer clothes they can stay in them for the day. If they are wearing a costume they may need clothes to change into in a named bag please.

On the day of the assembly Tuesday 22nd, all children are invited to perform their assembly for their grown-ups! They will need to attend F1 in their costumes. Please make sure your child has visited the bathroom before they are dressed up as we will be performing at 9am. If your child does not usually attend F1 on Tuesday, we ask that you take them home with you when the assembly has finished.


Many thanks for your continued support,

The Foundation 1 Team.