Winter Poetry

A Winter Dream


Gently mesmerising snowflakes fell from the sky onto the icy ground.

I strutted through a forest and noticed more fluffy, amazing snowflakes.

Soft and pretty snow fell on the delicate branches and when it hit them they wobbled.

Gradually the captivating snow fell more heavily.

Walking deeper into the forest I saw laden trees with beautiful snowflakes dancing around them.

Strolling now, the glittering snowflakes started to fall more heavily.

Shimmering icicles glowed through the night.

Later I ambled near a frozen stream when I noticed a blanket of snow as white as a sheep’s fur.

As the glowing snow shone on the water the fragile icicles continued to sparkle and bedazzled me.


By 2TM



An Enchanting Winter


As I walked outside, I was amazed by the glistening snowflakes and marvellous snow

Calmly the snow was falling gracefully on to the beautiful ground

Softly, steadily snow spirals in the sky

Look all around you and see those happy smiles

What fantastic, stunning, peaceful snow it was!

Beautiful snowflakes, beautiful snowflakes dancing elegantly in the air

When you look around you, you can see them everywhere

Snowflakes, Snowflakes tumbling, twisting from the freezing sky

Snowflakes whirling like a fan

Chilly, bitter, cold snow was wonderfully falling all around me

White and soft snow manifesting into an attractive Christmas scene

What an enchanting sight it was!

Winter is wonderful in all different ways!


By 2JF