Key Stage 1

What is learning like in Key Stage 1? 

At Black Horse Hill Infant School the staff work very closely with the Foundation Stage staff to ensure that the transition from the Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1 is as smooth as possible for the children. For some the move from continuous provision into the Key Stage 1 Curriculum can take a little bit of getting used to, so there is carefully planned transition plans in place. 

In the Autumn Term the children in Year 1 continue to work with some elements of continuous provision (learning through planned play) and the learning in each class is tailored the the individual needs of the children. Some children may be learning through elements of the Foundation Stage Curriculum and some children will be learning through the National Curriculum. The Year 1 staff plan these learning opportunities very carefully with the focus on each individual child.  

As the year progresses the children's learning will become embedded in the National Curriculum. 

Planning in Year 1 is topic based, some of the topics include, Fire Engines, Castles and Space. These topics change regularly in consultation with the children. 

When the children move into Year 2 they continue to follow the National Curriculum. As in Year 1 the learning is topic based and the children have a central role in their learning. We regularly ask....What do you know already about a topic and what would you like to learn? Some of the topics include, Charles Darwin, Mini-beasts, India, China and Dragons

During the Summer Term the children and Year 2 staff work closely with the staff at Black Horse Hill Junior School to ensure that the transition to KS2 is managed effectively for the children.

Rachel McLeod

Key Stage 1 Leader