Maths Curriculum Intent


As Mathematicians at Black Horse Hill Infant School children will develop the fluency, knowledge and understanding to use mathematics as a tool for everyday life. Practical experiences and a growth mind-set will ensure a solid understanding is gained which will foster a life-long love of maths. As a school we believe that all children can succeed in Mathematics.


Using the expected outcomes from the National Curriculum and the Foundation Stage Curriculum Framework it is our intent to develop:

  •         Fluency and a secure knowledge of number facts and a secure understanding of the four                      operations and how they are inter-related
  •         An ability to solve problems, to reason, to think logically and to work systematically and                          accurately
  •         An ability to communicate understanding
  •         An ability to make connections that are needed to enjoy a greater depth in learning
  •         Challenge all children
  •         Confident, resilient and curious learners who happily make mistakes and know that they learn              from them
  •         Independent learners with inquisitive minds who have secure mathematical foundations and an            interest in self-improvement



Curriculum Implementation


In our school children study mathematics daily and cover a broad and balanced mathematical curriculum including elements of number, calculation, geometry, measures and statistics. Additionally, each class spend 15 minutes each day doing ‘Morning/Daily Maths’ so children can practise skills and build fluency and precision in these areas and to think about numbers in a different way. Due to the interconnected nature of mathematics, at Black Horse Hill Infant school we aim to teach maths in a cross curricular manner as well as discretely to teach the practical application of mathematical skills. We focus not only on the mathematical methods but also focus on mathematical vocabulary.


In Foundation stage the EYFS curriculum is followed and White Rose planning is used to support. In Key Stage One the National Curriculum is taught and White Rose planning is used alongside to develop mastery and to broaden and deepen mathematical understanding.

To support the children with their fluency practice we use ‘Mathletics’ as an online and fun learning platform which also offer resources to be used in the classroom. 


We aim for each child to be confident in each yearly objective and develop their ability to use this knowledge to develop a greater depth understanding to solve varied fluency problems as well as problem solving and reasoning questions. Homework is set each week with a focus on practising skills that have been learnt during that week.