Restarting School

Start of the Day

Children are to be dropped off through the gate on Frankby Road and parents are to exit
through the gate in the direction of the Junior school – a one way system. We ask that only
one adult accompanies their child to school and for parents to adhere to the 2 metre
socially distancing rules. There will be staggered drop off and collection times to ensure that
appropriate social distancing can be maintained. We ask that parents do not congregate by the school gates and that you follow social distancing guidelines. 
Entrance gate  on 
Frankby Road 
Exit gate
Towards BHHJS 
Exit footpath to 
Saughall Massie Road 
During the Day 
We ask that children wear a fresh set of their own clothes (not uniform) each day and it is
essential that they bring their own labelled water bottle. There will be no working water
fountain available in school. We must insist at this time that no other items are brought into
school e.g. toys. Items such as reading books will not be sent home. We also ask that
children do not wear shoes with laces, if they cannot tie them themselves.

To adhere to our risk assessment, and to keep our children and staff safe, we are no longer
able to provide assistance, eg hand holding, to support children coming into school. Please
speak to your child regarding this so that they understand.

Please also find below the addendum to our Behaviour Policy which is in line
with Government guidance. All members of our Black Horse Hill community must adhere to
this to ensure safety for everyone.

The daily timetable for children will look different to a typical school day as safety remains
our utmost priority. Children will be allocated to a ‘bubble’ that will be led by two members
of staff. This may or may not be a teacher or teaching assistant that your child was taught by
before lockdown. Each bubble will have a classroom base (again, it may not be your child’s
usual room) and they will remain here for the day, including their allocated lunchtime. Children will have lots of opportunities to learn and play outdoors. 
Regular, Rigorous Cleaning
We would like to reassure parents and carers that there will be thorough cleaning of all classrooms and equipment before children’s arrival and at timetabled points throughout the day. Hand washing will be timetabled regularly throughout the day and children will be consistently reminded of its importance in controlling the spread of germs. Each child will have their own named learning pack which contains the resources and equipment that they will need for the school day.
Lunch Times
Lunch will be provided as part of the Universal Free School Meals for Infant Children scheme. This will be a cold packed lunch as no hot dinners will be available. Your child can bring a packed lunch if they prefer which should be sent in a disposable bag that can be thrown away afterwards.
End of the Day
At the end of the day your child will exit the school using the same door that they entered. Please exit the playground using the one way system. Please be considerate to parents who may be sharing the path, although staggered arrival and departure times should reduce contact.
Other information
As you are not able to come into school we have attached a picture of what a classroom now looks like at Black Horse Hill Infant School. Please talk to your child about why the classroom is set out as it is.
We will be following government guidance about the use of PPE. There may be occasions for
example when supporting an ill child or administering first aid that staff may need to wear a
face covering or visor as shown below.